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He used on his debut album samples of traditional Iranian music which he then gives an equally traditional treatment of an electronics or noise artist. All this to reveal the "hidden rage among the melancholy". He has a r
There - Live at Milton Keynes Gallery

Live at Milton Keynes Gallery

Saturday Live Music
Ryoko Akama,
Sarah Hughes,
Jonny Hill,
and Pouya Ehsaei
More here

31 May 2014

'There' soon to be released

You can Pre-order 'There' (vinyl) now. It's due to release (vinyl and digital) in April.

More here

March 2014

Zang - Ghesse Raa - Live at Hetra

Zang - Ghesse Raa زنگ - قصه را
Hetra live April 2013 Tehran

Zang - Barfak - Live at Hetra
Zang - Barfak - Live at Hetra

زنگ - برفک
Hetra live April 2013

Zang - Nowrouz Tou Raahe - Live at Hatra

زنگ - نوروز تو راهه - هترا
Zang - Nowrouz Tou Raahe - Live at Hatra

Re- Backlash Blues by Nina Simone

Re- Backlash Blues by Nina Simone
Project Re-

Zang - Live at Divan-e-Shams

Zang - Live at Divan-e-Shams

September 2012

Jigsaw - East Art Gallery

A performance by:
Tara Fatehi Irani
Sarah Feli
Pouya Ehsaei
With: Mahyar Tahmasbi (cello)
Video: Mohammad Reza Alimorad

Inspired by John Cage's ideas, six different slots of activity have been defined for the performers according to different solos from Cage's Song Books; six different scores from the book are also chosen to be played by the Cello, and six different effect sets to change all the sounds (Cello, sounds of objects each equipped with a contact mic, voices of the performers with wireless mics). Each performer rolls a dice to find out his/her next task (Slot, Score, Effect). A short text is read by the performers in each slot. All texts are about the death of the father; humorously recounting a tragedy.

Jigsaw was performed in “John Cage is Happening”; A festival of 12 performances by Iranian artists based on John Cage's “SongBooks” in Tehran.
Curated by Pouya Ehsaei & Amir Raad.

July 2012

Zang - Nazdik

Live at Ebrahimifar's, Tehran

April 2012

Here - Excerpt from performance in the Rymer Auditorium

“Here” is a performance/projection of three instrument players and the performing artist. It focuses on the dis-connectivity of the music world inside and outside of Iran and issues around it in recent history.

Premeditated videos of performers are projected on separate walls in a square shape gallery space to indicate there is contrast with where they are and where you are, what they play and what you hear, what they express and what you feel.

December 2011

Here - East Gallery

As part of the event “30 Performaces, 30 Artists, 30 Days” a variation of 'Here' is performed at East Gallery in Tehran.

July 2011

Katibeh - Leev Monologue Finale

A collaboration with Makan Ashgwari (vocals) and Hessameddin Mohammadianpour (percussion).

Played in the closing ceremony of the leev theatre group festival “monologue” at Iranian Artist Forum, katibeh was originally performed by Farhad, an iranian pop singer.

February 2010

There - Rymer Auditorium, Music Research Centre

Strange Vibrations Four experimental electronic music live sets, by Tom Mudd, Jasper Leyland, Oli Larkin, and Pouya Ehsaei,in the Rymer Auditorium - University of York.

Pouya experimented with different iranian music samples to make a rich textural musical space.

December 2010

There Released

Entr’acte - Pouya Ehsaei (E172: 2014) - Vinyl | Digital

Finally, after four years of waiting my album “There” is out on vinyl and will be shortly available for digital download on Boomkat. The ones who had ordered must have gotten the record already. You can send me a message if you want to buy the record, or should you prefer the digital version wait for the digital release, or if you want to listen to it but you don’t want to pay for it, please message me after the digital release so I’d send you the digital version for free. My email is pouyaehsaei@gmail.com if you need to contact me via email. Thank you in advance for listening and please send me any negative or positive thoughts and comments.

It is available here as well: entracte.co.uk/projects/pouya-ehsaei-e172/, you can listen to two of There's tracks here: soundcloud.com/pouyaehsaei

I like to thank Allon from Entr’acte who made this happen, Jacques Beloeil who mastered the album for vinyl and digital, Theo Burt, مسود عیزپور، Tony Myatt, Ambrose Field and whoever helped and supported me during the composition and the release process.

For those of you who asked for the digital version of my album, it is ready to be purchased from here: boomkat.com/downloads/1089857-pouya-ehsaei-there

And again if you like to listen to it but you don't like to pay for it let now so I send you the mp3s.

Also there are some vinyls available on Boomkat.com: boomkat.com/vinyl/1093878-pouya-ehsaei-there Or you can let me know and buy it off me.

Entr’acte - Pouya Ehsaei (E172: 2014)

Entr’acte - Pouya Ehsaei (E172: 2014)

Another track from 'There'.

More here

There #4

There #4 - آنجا شماره چهار

17 January 2014

This is There #4 from album 'There' which is long waiting to be published.

MiRaftt - #1 @ St. Aidan’s Rd. recorded at a rehearsal session

29 May 2013

MiRaft is a new project by Pouya Ehsaei and Sam Fathi

Zang - Gaze

Zang - Gaze
زنگ - نگاه

Hosh #1

Hosh #1 - From The Album Hosh

Zang - Shiishe

Zang - Shiishe (Glass)
Live at Ebrahimifar's Tehran

April 2012


A performer (Makan Ashgvari) tells different stories from his/her past and present. He jumps from one story to another, and from one personality to another. The stream of stories is interrupted by the performer starting to dance with noise music (live by Pouya Ehsaei) in various intervals. HiCCUP is created by Sarah Feli, Tara Fatehi Irani, Makan Ashgvari, Pouya Ehsaei.

August-September 2012

John Cage is happening - جان کیج پیش می‌آید

یکصدمین سالگرد تولد جان کیج (سپتامبر ۲۰۱۲) سبب پدید آمدن رویدادهای فرهنگی متنوعی جهت بزرگداشت او در سراسر جهان گشته است. در ایران نیز گالری ایست میزبان یک مجموعه پرفورمنس در بزرگداشت جان کیج خواهد بود.
“جان کیج پیش می آید” بر اساس سه جلد کتاب از جان کیج به نام ”کتاب ترانه ها“ است که به کیوریتوری پویا احصایی و امیر راد در تیرماه ۱۳۹۱ به اجرا در خواهد آمد.
در این پروژه هنرمندانی از عرصه های گوناگون شرکت می کنند.
اطلاعات بیشتر در صفحه فیسبوک جان کیج پیش می آید و وبسایت گالری ایست در دسترس خواهد بود.

تیر 1391

“John Cage is happening” is a collection of 12 performances based on “Song books” created by 18 artists. Some of the performances are based on one piece, some are based on a few and some are inspired by John Cage’s general idea in this book. Pouya co-curated this event with Amir Rad and also performed a piece “Jigsaw” with Sara Feli and Tara Fatehi Irani.

For more info please refer to here and here.

July 2012

Zang - Private Concert at Saba Studio

Private Concert at Saba Studio, Tehran. A collaboration with Makan Ashkwari (Piano, Vocals)

August 2011

Gnomon - East Gallery

Gnomon A performance by Tara Fatehi Irani, Sarah Feli and Pouya Ehsaei. East Gallery, Tehran.

August 2011

Asymmetry - East Gallery

A performance by Tara Fatehi Irani, Sarah Feli and Pouya Ehsaei at East Gallery, Tehran. From the event “30 Performances, 30 Artists, 30 Days”.

In “Asymmetry” daily routines of life in Tehran alongside dream like nightmares are being told with accompany of sketches being drawn on the wall. The stories are recorded, then processed and played back again to make a sense of recurrence of all the events.

July 2011

There - Aun Gallery

Same set as the strange vibration with more obscure use of Iranian music.

January 2010